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The electrical partner in your energy transition journey

Our world’s problems are more complex than ever before. And to solve them, we have to think electrical. I mean you, Apara does. Shortly we connect or convert a factory, industry, transportation, etc., to electrical power.

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We deliver the most advanced solutions

We are focused on results, and a continuous drive to exceed client’s expectations. We are efficient in finding the optimal way and resources to achieve a project objective. Apara optimizes the path of your projects, focusing on simplicity and value creation.


Our Premium Services

As a leading electrical partner Apara can guide you through the complex process of transitioning to sustainable energy. With extensive experience in designing and implementing electrical solutions and integrating renewable energy technologies within existing energy infrastructure. Apara BV offers expertise in electrification, as well as cutting-edge technology such as electrical SCADA and digital twins. Additionally, the company is equipped to provide microgrid, smart grid solutions and load shedding capabilities to optimize energy usage and supply-demand balancing.



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Apara Solutions is focused on supporting your business to become a success by:

  • Identifying where the project execution could improve applying the lessons learned.
  • Creating a project management process that accelerates your strategic execution and growth goals.
  • Executing projects having in consideration your company strategic objectives and revenue targets.


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