Virtual Electrical Department Are you an asset owner and struggle to find well prepared electrical engineers who takes care of your assets and future energy transition of your plant?
First, we must describe what an electrical engineering team means to an asset owner. The Electrical Operations team consists of experts who manage the electrical operation of your equipment, its maintenance, commissioning and perform feasibility studies for possible future extenssions/projects. They also specify, check compliance and coordinate the installation of the electrical equipment.
This type of teams, in order to be of high quality, requires very expensive human resources and it is very difficult to find quality engineers in the current market.
Apara BV provides the electrical engineering service as if it were its own department. This has a number of advantages over a permanent team of engineers within your company.
EEaaS (Electrical Engineering as Service):
EEaaS customers do not need to hire, train or manage engineers, but get all the advantages of a state-of-the-art in-house team of engineers. When they need a service that requires an electrical engineer, you have an interim department at your disposition.
Characteristics of EaaS
A good way to understand the EaaS model is to look at all the characteristics of an EaaS team.
A company using EaaS would recognize the following:
No overhead
You only pay for what you use. When you are expecting designs or more requirements, you are not paying for overheadh. Managing your assets will become an easier cost to manage.
Ready to go
You don't have to wait for an engineer to start working. They are ready to start working in a day or two. They already control the assets and know them. So when the question comes in, they can give you a quick answer.
Availability of specialists
You have easy access to electrical engineers with different specialties. So your engineering team matches the requirements of your electrical needs and not the other way around.
The average time to hire an engineer is 45 days, if you need another engineer under the EaaS model, he/she should be available in a few days due Apara already knows your assets, keeps the data and he/she is already trained therefore. APARA has the engineers, lead engineers and designers whom are used to work as a team.
Integrated team members
The APARA team is a member of your organization and understand that taking care of your assets as if they were theirs, looking for feasble solutions.
EaaS Trends
Many companies are still struggling to adapt to the post Covid world. The biggest indicator of this is when a company talks about "plans to go back to the office."
Many companies fall off a cliff when they try to require engineers to return to the office. After Covid, companies that adopt delegation of outsourced engineering activities and an EaaS model will have a significant competitive advantage over companies that waste time trying to get back in the office. They will see these advantages in the form of:
Cost savings - in personnel and property
Access to talent - by not being limited to a single location.
Risk mitigation - resilience built into engineering processes.
Focus - electrical engineering experts will remotely manage your electrical assets and provide a service.
Apara BV. is an Engineering as a Service provider.  If you would like to explore how engineering as a service can help you, please contact us.


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