Smart Grid, Microgrid and Energy Automation Smart Grid, Microgrid and Energy Automation
As the name suggests the smart grid is designed to handle power supply for large communities and is the digital technology used for two-way communication between utilities and their customers. The microgrid is engineered to work in small community areas.
Amongst the main challenges for the successful realization of smart grid includes the integration of renewable energy resources, real time demand response and management of intermittent energy resources. Apart from smart grid, the development of micro-grids should take into consideration of issues such as the load sheding system performance, modeling, monitoring and controlling of the micro-grids. In particular, the recent advancements in information and communication technologies could facilitate the effective development of the future micro-grid system.
What is SCADA?
Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) combines software and hardware to create a control system. The system receives data about electrical network and related equipment, which supervisors then use to control and optimize electrical operations.
A SCADA system can be spread across different locations, sometimes over a wide geographical area, or contained within a single facility. SCADA is extensively used in the petrochemical industry, grid operators, and a range of other industrial processes. 
Intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) are measuring frequency, voltage and current values, GPS synchronization enables them to directly measure voltage phase-angles, allowing a fast system-wide health assessment. Signal processing is therefore required to convert the huge amounts of data into actionable information that can be presented to an operator directly or through the SCADA so that the operator can take appropriate action. Based on an intelligent one-line diagram, and customizable notification views combined with prediction and simulation modules improve situation awareness by enabling the dispatcher to effectively and efficiently manage vast portions of the system.
For new installations life is easy, smart, dedicated engineering models can be incorporated in the design and specification of energy facilities. Standards such as IEC 61850 provide models for describing electrical networks, for example, in a substation. These data models are used to accurately describe the structure of the network and its components. This ensures the basic blueprint for your energy application is available from the outset in digital form.
But what about old facilities with old electrical equipment?
Dedicated engineering models can be and specified, designed and incorporated in the energy facilities. IED’s, in this case protective relay’s interface/interaction needs to build, all the signals, breakers and earth switch positions shall be wired to the IED’s AIO’s. Protections and control functions as well. Implement interlock schemes required during special system operating conditions including maintenance and outage modes.
Apara has experience in both old and new or smart switchgears, MCC's and substations, therefore most probably will be able to find the fit-for-purpose, scalable and future-proof SCADA solution.
But SCADA is not an end in itself.
Substation automation software offers powerful solutions to control, visualize and automate substations, in conjunction with any type of IED and higher-level control systems. Artificial intelligence, algorithms could be created to achieve the most futuristic way of visualization and control. 
Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in optimizing the operation and management of smart grids and microgrids by leveraging data analytics, machine learning, and other techniques. AI powers efficient grid control, optimizes demand response, forecasts loads accurately, and manages energy systems effectively.


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