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You could say that all headhunters are recruiters, but not all recruiters are headhunters. As a true headhunter, Apara possesses a specific skill set that allows them to tap into the passive talent market effectively. We are able to track and attain specific talents that would never have found out about a role or position otherwise.

Electrical engineering is a vast field that includes everything right from the evaluation of electrical systems and components and designing of various applications to the testing and commissioning while leading other electrical engineers and designers in the assigned team. Thus, the electrical engineer has a lot of responsibilities that a team expects him to do perfectly. The organizations definitely cannot take risk of hiring the wrong candidates as their role is quite significant in any company. That is why you can hire Apara that has experience in the vast majority of the electrical domain, therefore most probably will be able to find the fit-for-purpose, most efficient, and experienced electrical engineer.


We deliver the most advanced solutions for projects through technical expertise and inspirational leadership, to diligently achieve the project objectives.

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