Project Management

Program and Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

Program and Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) model let your business acquire project management resources allowing scaling up and down depending on the project necessities.

The Apara Project Manager (AparaPM) applies the Apara model which follows the Project Management Institute methodology to all stages of your project, focusing on the areas that required the most attention.

Benefits of having an AparaPM in your organization.


Years of experience in managing engineering and industrial construction projects.


Ready to adapt and apply new methodologies, tools and business process to achieve the project results.


Giving extra attention to the critical areas of the project

Reduced cost by increasing quality.

One of the core tenants of the Total Quality Management or "TQM," developed by Edward Deming is ¨Improving Quality Decreases Costs - lowers costly defects, customer support, and recalls¨. [1]


There are two perspectives in each project, the task perspective and seeing the project as a temporary organization within the company carrying an assignment for a sponsor. The project strategy must have both perspectives since the project (the temporary organization) coexist together with the sponsor (the base organization). [2]

The AparaPM have in consideration both perspectives and mediate and conform both requirements in an executable ¨Project TO-DO list¨.

Transformational Leadership

Exhibits charisma, develops a vision always creating an environment of respect, pride, and trust. The AparaPM is remembered as someone with whom you work with pleasure, who resolves conflicts in a correct way, and with whom you have a good time while project activities are carried out.


If each of us contributes a little bit on spreading messages of this kind, the world would certainly be much better. This is a core value for an AparaPM. Digitizing paperwork, avoiding rework, critical thinking on decisions ... All contributes to reduce cost, reduce materials, and indirectly reduce CO2. 

When do you need an AparaPM in your organization.

  • Projects that are mission-critical but not within the organization’s expertise.
  • Projects with significant impact.
  • Complex execution projects.
  • Budget-driven projects that cannot afford mistakes or long learning curves.
  • Time-driven projects that cannot wait to work through contracted milestones.
  • Technology vendor management beyond the expertise of your team.


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