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Apara takes a multidisciplinary approach to create and/or assembling fit-for-purpose designs for maintenance industrial projects. Our mechanical, electrical, piping, and instrumentation specialists have broad experience in the design and specification of equipment. We can assist you with the engineering solutions and documentation. When you are a small company and you need relatively small engineering studies or packages and is not wise to work with big EPC players get in contact with Apara. No job is too small.

Basic Engineering Package

The basic engineering package (BEP) provides the necessary information to integrate new units into an existing process. The simple basis for a basic engineering project is developed in the preceding conceptual design work:

  • Conceptual process studies, Proces Flow Diagrams and preliminary plot plan.
  • Preliminary Piping and Instrument Diagrams.
  • Definition and sizing of main equipment resulting in main equipment specifications.
  • Plot Plan
  • General arrangement
  • Key Single Line Diagram
  • Specs/Norms and design criteria document `
  • Compilation of Aux. Power Consumption List
  • Data sheets for all utility equipment

Engineering drawings

We provide separate engineering drawing freelance services online. Outsource your engineering drawing project and get it quickly done and delivered remotely.

Detail Engineering Package

Detailed engineering are studies which create a full definition of every aspect of project development. It includes all the studies to be performed before project construction starts. According to the nature of a project, Detailed Engineering will include all or part of the following steps:

  • Design basis report and / or design criteria
  • System and component sizing calculation
  • Technical Specifications for packages and components
  • Technical bid evaluation reports
  • Vendor drawing review
  • Layout and Physical design including
  • Plot Plan and general arrangements
  • Equipment Layouts
  • Hazardous area Classification (ATEX)
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Cable schedule and interconnection /Logic diagrams
  • Power System Studies
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning templates and test sheets
  • As-built drawings


Advanced Work Package

Also, new construction work processes are being implemented for small projects as Advanced Work Packaging (AWP). This work process is proved to optimize the project result by having from the development of the project the end construction in consideration. Also, it applies the Theory of Constraints, solving the construction constrains before the field activities starts. In Apara, our engineers are prepared to:

  • Advice on the Path of Construction and constructability.
  • Develop Engineering Work Packages.
  • Advice contractors during the creation and execution of Installation Work Packages

When do you need Apara to assist you with the application of AWP in your organization.

  • You are a contractor company with ambitions to add engineering as a service and your client uses AWP as a construction process.
  • You are an owner and need some assistance applying AWP for your site maintenance projects.
  • You need to embed the existing work processes with AWP and making it work for your business.
  • Tailoring AWP fit for purpose for your department.



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